Office-based (Dr Singer, Dr HASLER)

 •  Workup and treatment of infertility
 •  Artificial reproduction with own laboratory (In vitro fertilisation IVF, ICSI method,
     preimplantation genetic testing PGT)  See GYNE INVITRO section
 •  Examination of Fallopian tubes by means of modern contrast media ultrasound,
     a well tolerated office-based method without anesthesia
 •  Ultrasound examinations (pelvic, breast, pregnancy including 3D/4D method)
 •  Gynecological check-ups and pregnancy checks
 •  Prenatal testing including nuchal translucency
 •  Color Doppler examinations in high-risk pregnancies
 •  Breast clinic, ultrasound-guided needle aspiration biopsies of breast
 •  Workup and treatment of hormonal problems and menopause
 •  Large body of experience with progestogen intrauterine devices for contraception
 •  Dr Singer is fluent in English, French, Spanish und Italian


Operations, obstetrics (from 2023 onward: referral to external specialists)

 •  Surgical and obstetrical activities in Spital Zollikerberg
 •  Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic (keyhole) surgery, workup of infertility

 •  Keyhole surgery of endometriosis

 •  Laparoscopic partial hysterectomy (without abdominal incision, short hospital stay)
 •  Operations in breast cancer and benign breast disease
 •  Operations in urinary incontinence (including tension-free vaginal tape TVT)
 •  upon request: Delivery in birthing pool
 •  The patients are visited daily while in hospital.


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