Dr Singer & his team

Consultant & owner

Michael Singer, M.D.

Swiss Board certified gynaecologist and obstetrician

Specialised in gynaecological surgery
Specialised in reproductive endocrinology


Born 1960, in private practice since 1997

Citizen of Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Married since 1986 to Lucia, two sons (Daniel *1992, Adrian *1994)

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

Detailed biography in German


Biological team


Head of biological team

Dr David Agudo, Ph.D.
ESHRE Senior Clinical Embryologist

Leading our biological team since 2019



Senior embryologist

Sandra Mosquera, M.Sc.
ESHRE Senior Clinical Embryologist

since March 2020 on the team



Anaesthesia team


Head of anaesthesiology

Daniela Centazzo, M.D.

Specialist FMH in anaesthesiology



Assistants & nurses


TEAM manager

Ms Lucia Singer

Wife of Dr Singer, since 2000 on the team


HEAD IVF nurse

Ms Daniela Dömel

Registered nurse, 2009-2016 and since August 2018 again on the team


Registered nurse

Ms Selina Ricci

Registered nurse, since July 2021 on the team


Registered nurse, B.S., team leader

Ms Fabienne Lanz

Registered nurse, since May 2023 on the team


Registered nurse

Ms Anja Klemm

Registered nurse, since May 2023 on the team