Pricing Gyné invitro

Except IVF/ICSI and contraception, all services of our practice are reimbursed by basic health insurance. We recommend to set a low deductible (Franchise) before trying to start a family!


Despite repeated efforts by our Swiss Society for Reproductive Medicine SGRM, IVF and ICSI are still being paid privately in Switzerland. We strive to offer a lean service and are happy to see that couples from all social backgrounds come to our office.


The total cost of an IVF/ICSI treatment varies depending on the number of attempts necessary to achieve a pregnancy. For medical reasons, embryo transfer is increasingly deferred, i.e. not performed in the fresh cycle but in a subsequent one, because the lining of the uterus may be more receptive later, or because we are awaiting the results of the often requested preimplantation testing. Medical reasons for a deferred transfer (so-called freeze-all) include: 20 and more eggs stimulated, 15 and more mature eggs harvested, increased progesterone in blood during egg collection.


Until now, deferring embryo transfer implied higher cost for the thawing cycle which was billed separately. However, the decision when to perform the embryo transfer should be made on purely medical grounds, without implications for cost. Therefore we introduced in early 2024 an attractive package pricing, which always includes the first embryo transfer, be it deferred or not.


The package price of 7700 Swiss francs (as of March 2024) for a fresh cycle includes:

  • Planning of treatment and instructions in self-injections
  • Ultrasound checks during stimulation
  • Egg collection during short anaesthesia
  • Anaesthesia by board-certified anaesthesia doctor
  • In vitro fertilisation IVF
  • Microinjection ICSI
  • Biological services and laboratory material
  • If biologically meaningful: laser-assisted hatching of the blastocyst
  • One embryo transfer (either in the fresh or in a later thawing cycle)
  • Freezing of excess embryos, including storage fee for the first six months
  • Reports to external doctors
  • Legally mandated reporting to the anonymous national IVF registry and to the cantonal doctor
  • Legally mandated quality control


Only medication (on average 1400 francs for a fresh and 600 francs for a thawing cycle) and, if indicated and requested, preimplantation testing (on average 3500 francs, depending on number of embryos) are not included in the package above.


If embryo transfer cannot take place for lack of suitable eggs or embryos, or if a second stimulation is requested to harvest more embryos for the future, the second stimulation will be reduced by 2000 francs. Several stimulations in a row entitle to only one embryo transfer which is included (the first one).


For subsequent thawing cycles, the pricing is 2650 francs plus medication (unchanged).