In vitro fertilisation (IVF/ICSI)

Welcome to our pages about assisted reproductive technologies (so-called test-tube babies). This complex issue has been a cornerstone of my medical activities since 1997, and I would like to illustrate it with many pictures.


Our IVF concept possesses the following advantages:
  • concentration of counseling, workup and treatment in one hand;
  • under the lead of Dr David Agudo from the international benchmark centre IVI Madrid, we have been offering embryological lab work at world-class level since 2019 (prior to that, we had a successful collaboration with IVF pioneer Dr Brian Dale since 1999);
  • an experienced and competent anaesthesia doctor ensures a painless egg collection.


The modern, state-of-the-art daycare clinic and cleanroom IVF laboratory opened in April 2016 and was a significant expansion step. Our successful IVF program is scrutinized by the Swiss IVF registry (FIVNAT-CH), where we regularly send anonymized data for quality control. We perform between 150 and 200 «fresh» treatment cycles per year. Pregnancy rates are at the very top of Swiss centres despite (or thanks to) our strong preference for single embryo transfer. I would be glad to give you more detailed informations personally or by E-mail.