Identification of fertility-seeking couples

The liberalised Swiss law on reproductive medicine, in effect since September 2017, brought along - together with many long-awaited changes - significantly tightened requirements on Swiss IVF laboratories. We have extensively re-worked our quality management system and introduce photo ID and barcode identifications in every instance when we accept sperm or eggs from patients (including simple treatments like inseminations). The system is paperless and fully electronical.



Every fertility-seeking couple is asked to send a smartphone picture of photo identifications with signatures. Internally, every couple is attributed a unique ten-digit numeric code which unequivocally links both partners. Prior to producing sperm, every male partner is being identified based on his photo ID saved in the patients' file. He will be given a barcode sticker and asked to check all data. In our IVF laboratory, standard operating procedures with witnessing (four-eyes principle), barcode reader and automatic logging are in operation.


A flexible and cost-saving solution for our patients


Unlike commercial systems like Gidget, our customised software (developped by Dr. Singer himself) is more flexible and saves our patients license fees of some 40 Euro per treatment. Thanks God, our small team has never been confronted with a mix-up; still, we consider those technical aids up to date and confidence-building.