Pictures of IVF und ICSI


Ultrasound-guided transvaginal egg collection in the woman under ultra-short anaesthesia.



Conventional IVF (left) and microinjection (ICSI, right).



Ultrasound-guided embryo transfer.



Pictures from the IVF laboratory

The following pictures about the first moments of human life possess an unadorned aesthetics that hardly anyone can escape.




The human germ cells (gametes): a mature egg on the upper left which has been aspirated from the ovary (the circled polar body indicates that the egg is mature), on the right a zygote (fertilised egg) the next morning, exhibiting two bubbles (the so-called pronuclei with male and female chromosomes) ready to merge. During this fusion (called syngamy), male and female genetic material combine at random into a new human being.


A ten-cell embryo on day 3 with optimal optical quality. Replacement of the embryo(s) in the womb (the embryo transfer) will take place on day 2, 3 or 5.


On the fifth day, a cavity has formed inside the embryo. This tiny hollow sphere is called blastocyst. A first specialisation of the cells has taken place - the darker inner cell mass on the left will form the embryo, the outer layer (trophectoderm) the placenta. The baby from precisely this blastocyst will be born in November 2018!