It is an advantage to stand up after embryo transfer

After the first in vitro fertilisations in 1978, patiens were instructed strict bed rest during 48 hours. We have gone a long way since; we have been knowing for many years that bed rest after embryo transfer does not confer any advantage in terms of pregnancy rate. Still, many IVF groups - including us - offered the patient a (psychological) period of rest to handle the intense emotions of embryo transfer ...


... until the high-quality scientific study from Valencia (Spain) was published. Now the situation is different: standing up after embryo transfer produces more pregnancies than staying in bed.



As for the reasons for this, two different hypotheses are being put forward:

  • in a standing or sitting woman, the uterus is horizontal, which could promote a stable position of the droplet with the embryo(s);
  • the immediate resumption of daily life promotes relaxation and optimism, while bed rest (which is often tense) favours the wrong biological concept that success rate will depend on physical inactivity. This subconscious attitude provokes latent tension.



We implemented those findings immediately and successfully in 2014. After embryo transfer, the patient will sit up, have a chat with myself and leave the clinic without rush. I encourage the couples to have a meditative walk before resuming their daily life activities.